Why Clearabee Beebags are Better than Skip Hire


Why Clearabee Beebags are Better than Skip Hire



Clearabee Beebags are polywoven skip bags that come in four different sizes; small, medium, large and extra large. They work very much like traditional skip hire but they offer so much more when it comes to both flexibility and service, as provided by Clearabee. Using them allows you to dispose of all your rubbish in a safe and ethical way but they also reduce some of the hassles that come with using a skip. Read our 5 advantages of using Clearabee Beebags over skip hire to find out why they might help you when it comes to your rubbish removal needs.


  1. Rubbish does not need to be collected kerbside


With traditional skip hire, you don’t really have flexibility when it comes to where the skip is placed. The nature of the skip typically means that it needs to located near the kerb so that it can be easily collected once it is full. This can pose a problem for you when it comes to filling the skip because it can mean that you have to constantly travel backwards and forwards with your rubbish. A Clearabee Beebag, meanwhile can be positioned wherever you need it. We can handle the collection from wherever it is. We can even arrange collection from an indoor location, although this might incur an extra charge.


  1. No waiting around for delivery


With skip hire, customers often have to wait around to sign for delivery of the skip. This is not the case with a Clearabee Beebag. We send our Beebags out through the post. They are usually too large to fit through your letterbox but you can request that the bags are left in a safe space or with a neighbour. In this way, the delivery of a Beebag won’t interrupt any plans that you have. We offer free next day delivery with our Beebags, so you can get to work on clearing your rubbish straight away.


  1. Collection is easy


Collection of a skip can be difficult. Often collection involves cranes or large HGVS simply because of the size of the skip. Our Beebags are much more flexible which makes the collection of your rubbish so much easier, meaning that we can collect your rubbish using just a van. Your neighbours will be grateful as we won’t cause them any disruption at all. The ease of collection of also means that we can get out and pick your rubbish up within hours of you letting us know you are ready.


  1. Flexibility


When you choose skip hire, you only have that skip. Once that is full, you have to look at other options for removing any more waste. When you use a Beebag you have more flexibility. For instance, even if you overfill your bag we can still collect it. We might charge you a bit extra for doing so, but you have the freedom to get rid of everything that you need to. We also pick up other bags of rubbish if you request us to. Again, we will charge extra but at least you know that you can dispose of everything in one go.


  1. Collection at a time that suits you


When you order a Beebag from us, you have up to 1 year to arrange collection. This means that you can carry out your project and sort out your rubbish at a pace that suits you. There is no pressure because you don’t have a skip waiting on the kerbside. Plus, if at any time you change your mind, just send us the bag back and we will arrange a full refund.


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